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San Diego attorney Mark Reed specializes in meeting all your family law needs, including divorce, separation, child support and custody, spousal support, property division, mediation, and post-decree matters, including modifications.

Our San Diego bankruptcy services include a prefiling strategy, reviewing all financial aspects to ensure that you will receive your discharge, as well as defending and prosecuting adversary proceedings in bankruptcy (including discharging student loans).

We also provide wills and trust services, including reviewing what is in your and your beneficiaries' best interests, and how to best accomplish your goals, whether that be a simple will or trust or something more complex. We can also help you handle probate litigation.

Whether you are defending or prosecuting, we can help you.

Who We Are

With more than 20 years of family law litigation, Mr. Reed has had to deal with a diverse range of cases, and because of this experience, he’s able to give you the type of knowledgeable representation you need. Where other attorneys may not be able to plan for all contingencies and facets of the law, Mr. Reed can, because he’s seen them before and he knows how to handle them.

What you can expect from working with the Law Offices of Mark A. Reed:


More than two decades of experience in the areas of complex and simple divorce litigation, child custody, and property division.

Reduced costs. We work with your budget, so never feel as if you can’t afford the best representation.

Only the highest degree of professional legal services.

Our legal experts are dedicated to helping you through difficult times.

If you’re looking for a San Diego family law attorney who provides exceptional, personalized legal services, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another firm that caters to you like we do. We are 100 percent committed to meeting your needs on a personal level.

In fact, at The Law Office of Mark A. Reed, we limit the number of cases we accept in order to provide you with the individual attention you deserve.

I had never hired nor needed an attorney until I found Mark Reed, quite by accident, but was never more surprised and relieved. He is not only brilliant in his field, but a very calming and strengthening force for those that need his services. I recommend Mark to anyone that has any family legal problems, his expertise and vast knowledge is unrivaled.

— P. Kelly

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Helping our clients through the difficult times of divorce or bankruptcy is our first priority. We’ll help you make informed decisions in regard to your children, property, or through your divorce. Through personalized legal services, we promise to help you navigate complex legal matters by providing creative solutions and unrivaled expertise. We are dedicated to meeting your needs.

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If you’re looking for a family law attorney, a bankruptcy attorney, an estate planning attorney, or a civil litigation attorney in San Diego, CA who goes above and beyond for each and every client, call The Law Office of Mark A. Reed today. We are lawyers who care. You are welcome to contact us either through the form on the left-hand side or by reaching us at (858) 277-0232.

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