Living Will

What is a Living Will

As s competent adults, we have the right to make decisions in advance as to whether or not we would like to decline life support when it is clear that death is imminent or a state of coma becomes permanent. Today, life support systems can keep an individual’s body alive for years, even if the brain is no longer functioning or the person is in constant pain.

A living will is a document that lets you decide whether or not to be kept on artificial life support. Often, these documents also appoint someone to make important health care decisions on your behalf in case you are unable to do so.

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Health Care Directive

A Living Will (also known as a Health Care Directive) specifies whether you would like to be kept on artificial life support if you become permanently unconscious or are otherwise dying and unable to speak for yourself.

A Living Will is a document that allows a person to explain in writing which medical treatment he or she does or does not want during a terminal illness. A Living Will takes effect only when the patient is incapacitated and can no longer express his or her wishes. The will states which medical treatments may be used and which may not be used to die naturally and without the patient’s life being artificially prolonged by various medical procedures.

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