Why Hire an Attorney

Deciding between Hiring a lawyer, paying a preparer or seeking debt consolidation

If you are considering the help of a debt consolidation service, your credit is already poor, so why not take advantage of the bankruptcy laws that were created to protect individuals in your exact situation and seek debt relief under the law.

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Why hire a lawyer

Bankruptcy in California is a complicated area of the law and also involves many mandatory timelines and rules to be followed. This is why a local California bankruptcy attorney is essential to a successful case. A California Bankruptcy attorney is familiar with all of the bankruptcy laws and you may be able to save more of your property.

A California lawyer may serve as a buffer between you and your creditors.

The old saying holds true: “A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client”.

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Why not file for yourself

Bankruptcy in California is a complicated area of the law and also involves many details which can be best handled by a local bankruptcy attorney that specializes in bankruptcy in the state that you live.

You are not familiar with all of the federal and California bankruptcy laws that are applicable to bankruptcy and will likely miss loopholes, which could result in a possible loss of your property or denial of your case.

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Why not use a filing service

There are many bankruptcy preparers who offer to prepare your bankruptcy paperwork for a lower rate; however, these people are not lawyers and will not represent you at the hearings.

Preparers only file papers, which is only a portion of what attorneys do. A majority of the bankruptcy work consists of the time after your bankruptcy is filed.

Preparers are not licensed professionals and do not have a mastery of the bankruptcy laws of your jurisdiction. Recently in California, there has also been a rise in the number of so-called bankruptcy preparers” running off with customer money and not doing the work.

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Why not use a debt consolidation service

Debt consolidation advertising has seen a significant increase in the past few years. However, there are many things they may not tell you or that you are aware of. On a few occasions, debt consolidation may be the right option but in most circumstances, most debt consolidation companies charge you a small fortune to do things that you could do yourself not pay your bills. With claims that they will then be able to negotiate with your creditors and pay off your debt at a fraction of the total amount. In reality, in California it rarely happened for the following reasons:

Debt Consolidation companies are extremely expensive and it is not uncommon to pay them $4,000 to $7,000. Their fees get paid first before any creditors are paid. Bankruptcy is a far cheaper option.

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